Foster Home Form

Foster Requirements

Fostering an animal can be an extremely rewarding experience for both you and the dog or puppy you foster. The success of our group is dependent upon loving, attentive foster parents and we appreciate your interest in volunteering.

As a caregiver, you must understand the risks of contagious and communicable conditions that may affect you or your pets. If you have fostered before and/or are already familiar with these risks, you will sign this agreement with that understanding. If you would like for these risks to be explained on the occasion of your first fostering, please let us know! We appreciate questions and your desire to stay informed.

All your personal pets must be current on their vaccinations. You are also encouraged to minimize contact between your pets and foster animals for at least the first two (2) weeks. Even if your animals are up to date on vaccinations, there are other communicable illnesses your pets can contract such as upper respiratory infections, some strains of kennel cough, skin conditions, and intestinal parasites.

The primary role of a foster for our organization is to provide a home environment for the dog or puppy to the extent you would for your own pets. This includes but is not limited to: food, water, shelter, playtime, walks, and crate/house training, taking them to veterinarian visits, meeting for vaccinations, etc. In addition, socialization with humans of all ages, other dogs, cats, etc. will provide your foster with the tools to make a successful transition to his/her forever home.

New Best Friend Rescue will pay for all approved medical care for your foster but you will be responsible for taking your foster to appointments–we will coordinate as best we can with your specific schedule. You will be responsible for flea/tick prevention although occasionally we will get donations that we will share with all fosters. New Best Friend Rescue will provide deworming meds, Ivermectin for heartworm prevention, microchips, and all vaccinations except Rabies, which are administered by one of our clinic vets.

Primary requirements and expectations:

  • You must have a Foster Care Application on file with New Best Friend Rescue.
  • New Best Friend Rescue has a right to conduct a visit to your home prior to or during fostering.
  • New Best Friend Rescue reserves the right to contact the vet for your pets and/or ask for documentation to prove vaccination status.
  • You must keep New Best Friend Rescue fosters in your own home; any situation necessitating removal or transfer of a New Best Friend Rescue foster must be communicated to your foster contact person before any such transfer is made.
  • You must provide a climate-controlled area that is comfortable and stress-free and fresh food and water at all times.
  • The dog/puppy must be a primarily indoor dog, not left outside unattended, regardless of whether you are home.
  • You must have a fence that is suitable to contain your foster when off leash. This includes checking for breaches in its structure to ensure there is no way for your foster to escape, even if digging.
  • If you are renting, please ensure that you are within your lease agreement to keep a foster on/in the property/residence.
  • You may not transport New Best Friend Rescue fosters outside the Greater Houston area without permission from New Best Friend Rescue.
  • If you are leaving town and wish to board your foster, please advise location and all contact information for boarding facility to your foster contact.
  • New Best Friend Rescue retains guardianship and control of all animals in foster care. New Best Friend Rescue fosters are not to be given away or kept as your own. We do not discourage fosters from adopting but any adoption of a New Best Friend Rescue foster must go through the regular adoption process with all contract paperwork completed.
  • If you are fostering for another program or rescue, you must immediately inform New Best Friend Rescue.
  • No foster home may have more than 3 adults – from any foster care program – at any given time. Puppies will be limited to one litter per foster home. Exceptions can be made only by New Best Friend Rescue.
  • Your New Best Friend Rescue foster contact person will inform you of any medical treatment required, the care objectives and any other expectations when the foster arrives in your home.
  • Some medical issues do not manifest or become noticeable until the foster is already in your care and/or is seen by a veterinarian. Please advise New Best Friend Rescue immediately if you notice anything you feel requires attention.
  • Any issues of concern during the fostering period should be discussed with your New Best Friend Rescue contact person.
  • No medical procedures and/or euthanasia should be done without the permission of New Best Friend Rescue.
  • Before seeking medical care for your foster you must contact New Best Friend Rescue. We have specific clinics with whom we have agreements and beneficial rates so you will be required to take your foster to those facilities.
  • If medical care is sought without permission, New Best Friend Rescue may not be able to reimburse for expenses incurred. New Best Friend Rescue will only reimburse fosters for pre-approved expenses for which the foster can provide receipts.
  • All fosters will be in foster care for a minimum of two (2) weeks and have at least two (2) rounds of vaccinations, whichever is longer. Some adults do not require a second round but New Best Friend Rescue reserves the right to make this determination.
  • New Best Friend Rescue is not responsible for any illnesses or injuries your pets sustain from interaction with New Best Friend Rescue fosters. We trust that you will practice caution when introducing and comingling your current pets with new New Best Friend Rescue fosters.
  • New Best Friend Rescue is not responsible for any property damage that may occur to yours or others’ property by New Best Friend Rescue fosters.
  • Every effort will be made to adopt New Best Friend Rescue fosters. However, some fosters take longer than others and you must understand that your agreement is to foster until adoption occurs.
  • In the event of a family emergency or issue that necessitates removal of your foster from your home, contact New Best Friend Rescue immediately. We will make every effort to accommodate you and assist with alternative placement but please allow us plenty of time to prepare and make arrangements.
  • If a New Best Friend Rescue foster has a chronic debilitating or painful condition, or is terminally ill, euthanasia may be considered. This is not typical, but the ultimate decision is reserved for New Best Friend Rescue, in collaboration with a veterinarian.

Foster Home Form

Requirements for foster homes are established by New Best Friend Rescue and are subject to change at any time.
    I have read and understand all the above requirements and agree to comply with the rules set forth by New Best Friend Rescue.